Phyllis Marsteller

Gehry Forms

August 5th — September 29th

“Gehry Forms: Details of the Fisher Center at Bard” showcases over 20 works focusing on Frank Gehry’s architecture at Bard College. Taken between 2002 and 2004 Marsteller’s photographs focusing on abstract shapes, patterns and various details tell the story of the building’s construction.

Phyllis Marsteller is an award-winning photographer. All of Marsteller’s photos were taken with film, which she develops into the negatives that she uses when printing in her own darkroom.

When the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts construction at Bard College began in 2002, Marsteller took her camera and tripod to the campus and started photographing. At that time, most of the curving shapes and overlapping planes of the building were covered with Vycor Ultra® (an ice and water shield) over a web of metal supports. Later thousands of stainless steel plates were joined together to wrap the undulating roofs.

When the subject is a large section of the exterior, the sky becomes an important element of the photo. Smaller details, which often show an interplay of light and shadow, reveal the meticulous craftsmanship of the builders.

Each print is approximately 10 X 13, matted in a 16 X 20 frame.

Please join us for Art Reception, August 20, 4-6pm

The works are for sale through the artist Phyllis Marsteller at 845.876.7203 or .

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