Dutchess Day School Students


December 1st — January 14th

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Abstraction: An Abstract and Abstracted Art Show by Dutchess Day School Students

A favorite returns for another amazing art  show – Dutchess Day School students in grades K, 1, 2, 5, 6, & 8 exhibit abstract art work, sculptural pieces to paintings. Through art teacher, Allison Roland direction, each grade has focused on a different spectrum of art. Please come by an view this expressive art show.

The kindergarteners created abstract paper wall reliefs out of construction paper and staples, learning cutting and stapling skills and using staple designs as part of the work. They studied the color spectrum as they sought to make a 3D structure on a 2D surface. They learned that not all sculptural work is in the round.

After studying the work of Harlem-based, African American painter, Stanley Whitney, first graders made abstract color study paintings. The children studied primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in order to juxtapose warm colors with cool, mix and blend colors, and create vibrant, kinetic paintings using the gridlike structure utilized by Whitney in his work.

The students engaged in this long-term project can readily differentiate between an abstracted image and something that is completely abstract. For example, the second graders, inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers, created their own abstracted (not abstract) flowers using acrylic paint, and learning the technique of “wet on wet”—whereby they create layers of paint without letting earlier layers fully dry.

In the fifth grade, students culminated their term-long study of the Hudson River School by creating abstracted versions of Hudson River School paintings. In preparation for this exercise, already deeply familiar with the artists of the Hudson River School, students looked at modern artists such as Marsden Hartley, whose simplified, abstracted landscapes show great freedom of interpretation. The fifth graders chose their palettes within the realm of the original painting, while translating forms and light into less representational images, to align with the concept of abstraction.

Sixth graders created acrylic finger-painted self-portraits—a very challenging concept based on the work of Chuck Close’s finger paintings. Using no brushes at all, only their thumbs, index, and pinky fingers, applying color via fingerprint dabs with a pointillist effect, students painted abstracted images of themselves.

Inspired by Abstract Expressionists, Gerhard Richter and Louise Fishman, the eighth graders created their own large-scale paintings, using the tools Richter used, such as squeegees and rollers, and some large wallpainting brushes à la Fishman. The work is emotionally-charged and deeply expressive.

The show opens on the day of Sinterklaas in Rhinebeck, a day devoted to children at which events take place all day long—puppet shows, dances, food, vendors—and the children are celebrated as kings and queens for a day. How fitting to have an art show devoted to the work of children.

Artwork is not for sale. Please contact Allison Roland for more info on exhibit at 845.677.5014 ext 152 or aroland@dutchessdaysch.org

Learn more about Dutchess Day School in Millbrook, NY at www.dutchessday.org



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