The Night Visitors Book Launch w/author Carol Goodman

March 26th, 6 pm – 7 pm
Oblong Books & Music

The Night Visitors by Carol Goodman – the latest thriller from the internationally bestselling author of The Lake of Dead Languages and The Other Mother, a story of mistaken identities and missed chances, forgiveness, and vengeance.

Alice gets off a bus in the middle of a snowstorm in Delphi, NY. She is fleeing an abusive relationship and desperate to protect Oren, who is ten years old, a major Star Wars fan and wise beyond his years. Though Alice is wary, Oren bonds nearly instantly with Mattie, a social worker in her fifties who lives in an enormous run-down house in the middle of the woods. Mattie lives alone and is always available, and so she is the person the hotline always calls when they need a late-night pickup. And although according to protocol Mattie should take Alice and Oren to a local shelter, instead she brings them home for the night. Read More

Carol Goodman is the critically acclaimed author of fourteen novels, including The Lake of Dead Languages and The Seduction of Water, which won the 2003 Hammett Prize. Her books have been translated into sixteen languages. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her family, and teaches writing and literature at the New School and SUNY New Paltz.

Sproutlands Booksigning w/author William Bryant Logan

March 28th, 6 pm – 7 pm
Oblong Books & Music

In his new book, Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees, arborist and author of Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth William Bryant Logan recovers the lost tradition that sustained human life and culture for ten millennia.

In this journey from the English fens to Spain, Japan, and California, William Bryant Logan rediscovers what was once an everyday ecology. He offers us both practical knowledge about how to live with trees to mutual benefit and hope that humans may again learn what the persistence and generosity of trees can teach. Once, farmers knew how to make a living hedge and fed their flocks on tree-branch hay. Rural people knew how to prune hazel to foster abundance: both of edible nuts, and of straight, strong, flexible rods for bridges, walls, and baskets. Read More


Great Expectations Fiction into Film

March 31st, 12 pm – 2 pm
Oblong Books & Music

This event is located at Upstate Films.

Read “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens and then see the movie. This movie made 7 times, we will watch the 1946 Academy Award-winning film Directed by David Lean and starring John Mills, Jean Simmons, Valerie Hobson and Sir Alec Guiness. Read the book then see the film across the street at Upstate Films then stay for informal conversation/book club. More Info

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Healthy Home w/Essential Oils

April 7th, 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Create a chemical-free home

Join us to learn all about the world renown Young Living essential oils and how the power of 100% plant based ingredients make for a concentrated cleaner and related personal care products that are safe for your family, work better than the toxic junk, and will makes your house smell absolutely amazing.

Free to attend. Free gift of stain remover for home. Read More

Storytime “Tiny T-Rex & the Impossible Hug”

April 17th, 12 pm – 1 pm

A monthly Storytime for Ages 2-6 curated by Oblong Books & Music and presented by Sapling Shop

Oblong Books’ Nicole Brinkley will read one of her favorite books for children – Tiny T-Rex & the Impossible Hug by Jonathan Stutzman

About the Book:

Tiny T. Rex has a HUGE problem. His friend Pointy needs cheering up and only a hug will do. But with his short stature and teeny T. Rex arms, is a hug impossible?

Not if Tiny has anything to say about it! Join this plucky little dinosaur in his very first adventure—a warm and funny tale that proves the best hugs come from the biggest hearts. Introducing an unforgettable character on the picture book scene, Tiny T. Rex will stomp into the hearts of readers in this winning new series.

Kid Gloves Booksigning w/Lucy Knisley

April 19th, 6 pm – 7 pm
Oblong Books & Music

Whether you’ve got kids, want them, or want nothing to do with them, there’s something in this graphic memoir to open your mind and heart.

If you work hard enough, if you want it enough, if you’re smart and talented and “good enough,” you can do anything. Except get pregnant. Her whole life, Lucy Knisley wanted to be a mother. But when it was finally the perfect time, conceiving turned out to be harder than anything she’d ever attempted. Fertility problems were followed by miscarriages, and her eventual successful pregnancy plagued by health issues, up to a dramatic, near-death experience during labor and delivery. This moving, hilarious, and surprisingly informative memoir not only follows Lucy’s personal transition into motherhood but also illustrates the history and science of reproductive health from all angles, including curious facts and inspiring (and notorious) figures in medicine and midwifery. Read More

Lucy Knisley is the author and illustrator of beloved graphic novels about memory, identity, food, and family. She previously published the New York Times bestseller Relish: My Life in the Kitchen and Something New with First SecondShe lives and works in Chicago, with her husband and child.

Bookbinding Class

April 28th, 9 am – 11 am
Paper Trail

A hands-on class in japanese bookbinding from a master teacher, Roberta Nelson.

All materials will be provided including japanese chiyogami cover paper. You will leave with your own handmade book and a complete set of bookbinding supplies. $125.

More Info  & Sign Up




if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make

your own journals, photo albums,

maybe bind up your recipes or your kid’s artwork,

don’t miss this opportunity!

Storytime “The Great Outdoors”

May 15th, 12 pm – 1 pm

A monthly Storytime for Ages 2-6 curated by Oblong Books & Music and presented by Sapling Shop

Oblong Books’ Nicole Brinkley will read one of her favorite books for children – The Great Outdoors by Julie Falatko

About the Book:

A story that will have kids wondering what exactly goes on back at home when they’re on vacation.

When the humans head out to go camping, the animals settle in for a relaxing holiday of their own! Teen bear takes over the bathroom with her curling iron, the Beavers prepare their fanciest recipes, and the deer kick up their feet for a dance party. What starts as a little unwinding soon escalates to a big mess, just in time for everyone to head home. . .

Storytime “Paper Mice”

June 19th, 12 pm – 1 pm

A monthly Storytime for Ages 2-6 curated by Oblong Books & Music and presented by Sapling Shop

Oblong Books’ Nicole Brinkley will read one of her favorite books for children – Paper Mice by Megan Wagner-Lloyd

About the Book:

A big, dark house can be scary for those so small, until they find…each other.

With a snip and a clip, two paper mice are made. They are given names: Della and Ralph. Each alone, they explore their new house in the dark. Della dashes up the stairs; Ralph skitters through the dining room. There is so much to see and so much to discover!.