Four Perspectives: Exploration in Photography

November 6th — December 30th

Four Perspectives: Exploration in Photography: Images of Places, Nature, and Fantasy

Four photographers. Four perspectives. Each artist works on a distinct approach to art, from the media selected for the work to the proposal and scope of the pieces; the results couldn’t be more diverse.

Please join us for Artists Reception, Saturday November 18, 5-7pm (part of RHINEBECK ARTS WALK). Enjoy nibbles, view art, meet artists.

JOHN VERNER: This personal series of photographs was created at the height of the pandemic. After having one of my cameras converted to infrared, I decided to retreat to the safety of cemeteries where my “models” were safe and very cooperative. I immediately became enthralled by the statues and the architecture. While some people may find cemeteries depressing, I found them to be very beautiful and sacred. Interestingly, I became intimately attached to the environment and the statues at many of the cemeteries.  After taking the photographs, I edited them with soft pastel colors. The end result are images that are serene, meditative, and introspective. More about this artist at

LEE COURTNEY: The images I’m exhibiting represent how I see the cycle of life. The movement in my photographs  represents how life is in constant change and impermanent. Whether a flower is budding, blooming or dying, it has an inherent beauty. My intention is to show the peace I feel when I’m creating my art. This peace is an acceptance that life is change. Over the past few years, I have been working on multi-dimensionality in my photography. This technique has allowed me to create multiple exposures by blending several images together. More about this artist at

MICHAEL DIMEN: As a builder and cabinetmaker most of my life, my mind and my eye always examine the way things fit together and occupy space My mind plays with geometries, turning what I see over in my mind and fitting its parts together mentally. Colors too form patterns that my mind needs to organize. The mechanics of everyday life appear to me as a fabric, a matrix, to be explored. This is how the world is made. I present my understanding.

CHRIS ACOSTAIceland is an inspiration not just to photographers but to anyone traveling to this magnificent wonder.  From the Northern Lights to the Glaciers, Black Sand Beaches, Volcanic Landscapes, and endless breathtaking vistas on a gigantic scale the land of Fire and Ice is one of the jewels of this planet.  The people of Iceland are very much in tune with their environment and just as inspiring as the land they call home.  At every hotel, cabin, guesthouse and public facility I noticed one small detail that said to me Icelanders are serious about protecting this pristine island, there were no plastic utensils.  I tried to capture some piece of all this to remind myself it wasn’t some dream.  In my two thousand plus photographs and videos these images represent a mere fraction of our extraordinary eight day journey.  I chose these images because in the midst of the power of the scene there is a facet of human vulnerability.  Iceland is an incredible human experience. 

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