ICE* & FIRE *ice is hexagonal

May 1st — June 30th

In the Montgomery Row exhibition there are many mixed media works featuring hexagons and their constituent parts—diamonds and chevrons —cut from the patterns inside “security” envelopes. These lovely patterns arrive daily in our mailboxes, from our banks,  utilities, and insurance, camouflaging and protecting our financial information. These patterns are layered on to woodcuts or monotypes, and then further layered with encaustic. Starting with a monotype and a pile of security envelopes, I define passages of color & optical interest, then collage and add translucency and more color with hot encaustic. Sometimes I emphasize and extend linear elements with wire and netting. Some of these patterned hexagons are also incorporated into handmade paper while the paper pulp is still wet, then further worked with encaustic. The hot flow of encaustic color is beginning to phase out my previously tightly controlled assembly of patterned hexagons. Those are still strongly represented in my work , and the optical and “tumbling block” effect is still noticeable. What is new is greater freedom in the fungible marks of hot encaustics—letting the lava flow and fuse. The pigments sparkle in my latest works!”

Opening Reception: Saturday May 20th, 5-7pm

2nd Reception + Live Music: Saturday June 17, 5-7pm (part of RHINEBECK ARTS WALK)

PENNY DELL is a printmaker who enjoys making woodcuts, etchings, and monotypes and many combinations of these.  Recently she has explored the effect of combining  diverse print making, collage and encaustic techniques with hexagons cut from security envelopes

Recent awards

  • 2020 annual Anna Walinska Memorial  Gold Medal in mixed media  given by The National Association Of Women Artists (NAWA)
  • 2019 Dutchess County Executive Award for Individual Artist,
  • Best in Show “Rise Up “ at the Strathmore Mansion Bethesda, MD
  • 2015 Robert Angeloch Award for Excellence in Printmaking given by the Woodstock Art Association & Museum (WAAM)

A Poughkeespie resident, she  regularly shows her work in the  Hudson Valley  including  WAAM. and other galleries. With the National Association of Women Artists, her work is frequently exhibited in NYC as well as in traveling and regional exhibitions.

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