montgomery row REWARDS

2022/2023 REWARDS: Shop More! Dine More! Get More! Save More!

Ends October 31st

Beginning November 2022, Montgomery Row REWARDS* Members receive:

•  Early access to SHOP DINE INDULGE 2022 – Start earning rewards early on November 8, 2022.

•  SHOP DINE INDULGE 2022 (open to rewards and non-rewards persons)

•  Bonus: Earn up to a $30 gift card (max for non-rewards members is $25 gift card) in SHOP DINE INDULGE 2022

•  Jan 27, 2023 – Feb 27, 2023: TAKE A BITE OUTTA WINTER 2023 (open to rewards and non-rewards persons)


*Must be registered for REWARDS to receive REWARDS unless otherwise stated. To receive Early Access ‘perk’ to Shop Dine Indulge 2022, you must be registered by 11.30.22. To receive Shop Dine Indulge 2022 Bonus, you must be registered by 12/18/22. We will be adding more extras, perks, gifts, discounts, etc in Dec 2022, Jan 2023, and beyond – visit this page during year for updates! REWARDS is a year long program, ending Oct 31, 2023. Please note the former ‘Discounts & Rewards’ program is being discontinued.